Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wrinkles under Butt. HELP!?

I have wrinkles under my butt. How can I make them go away for bikini season!?Wrinkles under Butt. HELP!?
You think you've got it bad.

My butt has a big crack in it!Wrinkles under Butt. HELP!?
I think you're talking about cellulite. 95% of women have it. It develops most often on the butt and upper thighs. Even women who are a size 2 can have cellulite. ****It is NOT related to being overweight.**** (Losing weight will reduce the surface area, so you'll have less skin, but it does not make cellulite go away.) I've had some since I was 12 years old! There's no way to make it go away for good (except surgery I suppose), but muscular toning helps to conceal it.

I have also found that a tan (darker skin) will make it less conspicuous. Supposedly, if you reduce your salt, fat and carbohydrate intake, your body will be less prone to producing more cellulite. Also, drink lots of water to help with your body's circulation!

Most medical professionals agree that cellulite is the result of inhibited circulation within women's inflexible fat cells. The causes are not clear, but there are links to estrogen and hormone levels, genetic predisposition, and/or a sedentary lifestyle.

A lot of celebrities undergo expensive cellulite reduction treatments. Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are among them. There's an ultrasound-type machine that aggressively massages the afflicted area, sucks and kneads at the skin, and rearranges the cellulite cells so that they don't look at obvious at the surface of the skin. This is only temporary--- the cells always resurface in the same areas. It's an expensive cosmetic fix and a huge waste of money for the average woman.
its cellulite, probably.

you can try skin firming lotion. (jergen's, aveeno, nivea, etc..), lose weight in that area, and i heard you can make it go away by massaging it every night.. ?

hope it goes away!
you may want to try jogging or exercising,but im not sure ive never had that and i have a little junk in my trunk...or you may want to go to the doctor to make sure that its nothing wrong.also try lubriderm....
Exercise that target the butt and hamstrings. This will tighten the muscles and skin making it appear smoother.

You need toning.

Work up some muscle to fill those wrinkles. :]
what do you mean wrinkles????? folds under your *** cheeks??? or cellulite ?????
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